Your Home Away From Home – Vacation Home Remodeling

In case you want to renovate your home entirely and turn it into a vacation home, that isn’t that difficult. First you should consider restoration of the door and the windows of your home. The French doors and windows are must, in case you want to renovate your house.

The colors also need to be well chosen. Go for white colors, for they are opening the entire look. You can try combination with black, white and blue. Yellow for the walls is also an idea that brings a sun kissed atmosphere.

As for the furniture, replace the antiques with simple, modern furniture. In case you don’t want to change the antiques, just create a contrast by adding modern furniture.

Try to build simplicity, for it is the key to the vacation home look. Fabrics are also an issue. Choose fun patterns and lavish fabrics, as you make sure they match the interior.


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