Media Storage: From Trendy to Offbeat

Like it or not, we are surrounded by media devices in our homes, and the truth is that in some cases we would like to hide them from the eyes of the world. There are numerous ways to achieve this, and you have to choose according to the style of the room.

media storage

Sliding doors

These are perfect to hide your TV in case you think that it ruins the overall look of the room. It is a really good idea to have some shelves above the TV and below so that you will have some space for the DVD player, DVDs and other items related to media.

Feature storage

A time comes when you have more DVDs than you can store in only a couple of shelves, and this is the time, when you should consider turning your collection into a special feature of the room. You could be using a modern home library that consists of shelves from the floor to the ceiling. These shelves offer you a lot of space to store your collection.

Box shelves

In case you are looking for something cheap when thinking about media storage, then consider some simple boxes. In order to make them look better, you should add some wallpaper in the back so that you will be able to leave some of the shelves empty. Besides the items related to media you can also add decorative items, such as vases.

High level

In many cases people don’t want media to dominate their room, and if you are one of these people, then you should be thinking about the spaces of the room that would be unused, such as the top part of the walls. Have some shelves at the upper part of the room, so that you will have some space to store the DVDs and CDs and you won’t ruin the feel of the room.

Add some color

If you would like to have some cabinets, consider arranging them relatively randomly and make sure that the doors are quite colorful to make them pop against a pale colored wall. The best thing about these cabinets is that they are functional and decorative in the same time. The top of the cabinet can also be used for storing items that you would like other people to see as well.

As you can see there are a lot of options to choose from.


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