Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2013

A kitchen remodel idea is one of the best things that one can indulge in this year 2013. Remodeling not only makes the kitchen more organized but also adds freshness to the boring place. Remodeling a kitchen is always very interesting as one would need to make their place more valuable and efficient. There are lot of ideas to keep in mind when remodeling a kitchen and various kitchen remodel ideas 2013 are given below.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2013

Smarter Choice of Appliances

There are a lot of new gadgets in the market which are cuter and trendier. Slimmer sinks are the current trend. The current gadgets are more users friendly and provide more space in the kitchen. Commercial stoves and stain less steel utensils are still the current trend.

The Flooring

The current trend for the kitchen flooring is hardwood which is not only easier for cleanup but also give a presentable appearance. The shades however are many and can be selected according to the taste of each individual.

White Painted Furniture and Black Cabinets

With the evolving of many trends, one always thinks that the black and white would be missed, however the black and white look is always appealing. The appliances and the sleek cabinets are a mix of black and white giving the kitchen a trendy look.

Darker Finishes

The use of darker finishes in the kitchen has increased and currently a much followed trend. The darker colors helps provide a balance and in providing a warm and pleasing atmosphere.

Glass Finishes

Many have also opted for the Glass, ceramic or porcelain items to decorate their kitchen and make it more attractive. There are a lot of dining tables and other kitchen utensils which are made of glass which would help in presenting a posh look for the kitchen space.

Led Lighting

One of the well known and most followed remodel kitchen trends for 2013 is the use of LED lighting. These lighting are not only energy efficient but also very modern.

Touch Activated Faucets

These are growing and more popular nowadays.

Light and Shadow

These kitchens are remodeled glass mosaic countertops which provide a light and cool feel. The appliances also are carefully selected to correlate to the other areas of the kitchen providing an interesting and wonderful atmosphere.

Satin Finishes

The satin finishes in the kitchen is also one of the followed remodel trend for 2013.It is quite expensive but also well worth the investment.


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