Creating Eco-Friendly Bathrooms

bathroomsIn this day and age people are more concerned than ever with conserving our natural resources.

The news is full of reports about global warming, too much pollution, and landfills that are becoming too full.

You may want to do your part in the fight against waste but are not sure where to start.

Maybe you have decided to start off slow, one room at a time, starting with making your bathroom eco-friendly.

There are several things to incorporate into your bathroom that will accomplish just that [Bathroom decoration ideas].

Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are one thing that can use quite a bit of energy. Most hot water heaters simmer water in their tank twenty four hours a day. Purchasing a tankless water heater will save you money and conserve energy.

These hot water heaters only heat hot water when it is needed. Running out of hot water is virtually impossible with a tankless water heater.

Heaters that are tankless take up a lot less room and they can cut your utility bills in half. Rebates from the government are often offered for installing these types of hot water heaters saving you even more money.

Eco-Friendly Faucets

If you have kids in the house then you will want to install an eco-friendly faucet. You won’t find any handles on this faucet because they are totally automated. [Bathroom furniture]

Wasting water will be a thing of the past with this faucet. You won’t have to worry anymore about someone leaving the water dripping or running. This eco-friendly faucet has its’ own power source that runs on batteries.  Eco-friendly faucets will not only save your water but money as well.

Toilet Choices

Regular toilets use a huge amount of water. It’s like flushing your money into a sewerage system. A new kind of toilet has emerged on the eco-friendly scene. They are dual flush.

A dual flush toilet gives you a choice when you are flushing. Dual flush toilets use less water when flushing liquid waste. This saves a lot of water therefore helping to save the planet.

Another kind of toilet that you may choose to install requires no water at all. These kinds of toilets are composting toilets and are easy to install. They can be a little expensive but they do pay off in the long run. Both of these two toilets will save you money.

Bathroom Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom can be enlarging your electric bill. There are ways to conserve energy when it comes to lighting your bathroom. Small track lighting that is focused to certain areas in your bathroom can help you from turning on the main light and will save on energy.

One simple way of getting light into the room would be to enlarge your window or install a skylight in your ceiling. Changing your light bulbs to fluorescent or energy saving bulbs that will last a long time will also keep your bill to a minimum.

Eco-friendly bathrooms can truly become a gem in your home.


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