Making The Switch To Green Lighting

lightingLighting is often an element of home interiors forgotten about or just an afterthought.

Importantly consideration should be given to the environment and everyone should play their part by choosing eco lights in their home [Lighting Techniques].

Incandescent bulbs are becoming a thing of the past and eventually will be made illegal.

Eco light bulbs are often assumed to be very expensive but this is not necessarily so. These greener lights last longer than the old style incandescent types.

The most eco friendly types are called compact fluorescent or CFL’s. There are a multitude of shapes and sizes most at an affordable price. Advantages include long lasting reliability, production of more light from the energy that they use and finally they do not give off as much heat.

Another type of bulb that is extremely energy efficient is the light emitting diodes (LED). They are undoubtedly more expensive but should be considered as a very wise investment. Certain versions can last up to a staggering 100,000 hours, which is hard to beat.

Alongside using a more eco friendly bulb for your lighting when choosing a lamp stand or shade, look out for the use of recycled materials. Often these can be quite unusual and make a great focal point for your home.

There are many different substances that lighting is produced from including glass, metal or plastic. Don’t forget re-cycling is not just about our waste but also the items that we bring into our homes. Lighting is a good place to start in the effort to go green.


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