Progressive Tic-Tac In A Trendy Clock

There are certain types of accessories and goods that add a fun atmosphere and spirit into your home. One of them is this funny and fresh designed clock – the Woodstation Clock.

wood station clock

The clock is a smart creation with illuminated blank interface that shows the weather, the time and the climate changes with a very interesting digital display. The main material is compressed recycled wood, but it is coated in order to provide extra strength to the clock.

woodstation clock

Despite looking very fragile, the clock stays stable and uses 4AA batteries or a simple adapter that is included in the clock set. The design of the clock reminds of a kid toy, which is an interesting way to add more fun into your room.

It displays the forecast, the humidity, the temperature, as well as time and date. The Woodstation Clock comes with special motion sensor that is built inside of it. The price of the clock is $175.


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