Paper Carpets Are The New Trend In Floor Coverings

Paper carpets are the new buzz in town. They are being touted as the latest trend in floor covering.

They are considered a green option and are catching the fancy of those who want to be “green”.

carpets 1On the other hand, the Japanese have been using rice paper carpets, “tatami”, from immemorial time. They have always used paper for decoration in their homes, be it for partitions, lamps or mats.

The Finnish too have had a tradition of using paper carpets. Yarn is made of twisted strips of paper and then woven into carpets. These carpets are surprisingly durable. This tradition, as old as time, has been revived to make a modern version of the paper carpet which suits the needs of the modern world.

The modern paper carpets are available in plenty of color options ranging from the sedate off whites and beige to the vibrant violets and reds. These carpets are dust resistant hence very easy to clean and maintain.

carpetsThis also makes them a good option for people suffering from dust allergies. They are also moisture proof and in conclusion resisting spills.

Besides the regular paper carpets, on offer are hand made paper carpets and also recycled paper carpets. These can be bought or ordered online from various stores.

Paper carpets are something unexpected for those using traditional floor covering and a must have for all those who like to follow the latest trend but in the same time for those who like to think green.


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