A Chair By Any Other Name Will Be Still A Comfortable Chair

Anyone who enjoys the inspirational home décor knows why we love the modern design studio of Cate &Nelson.

The Swedish designers grabbed our attention year ago when they presented their magical chair the Oz. That time the Oz was presented at the International Furniture Fair and it was labeled as the comfortable and super innovated designed furniture.

hug chairAfter the Oz surprise the Swedish magicians tried to amaze us again with one new offer. This year at Milan Furniture Fair Cate &Nelson will show their latest furniture – the Hug chair. In case you are wondering why the designers called their creation so, just take a look at this sturdy low chair that is promising super comfort and stability.

hug chair 01The Hug chair is made with new technique that allows more stability and new options. The chair comes with special buttons for better functioning, as well as it is decorated to represent the symbol of the modernism in your home.

hug chair 02The great ability of this chair is the option to change its colors according to your moods. Whenever you feel like you want to change its theme, you can do it through the buttons that offers different color schemes. It is expected this chair to be labeled as a star of the Milan Furniture Fair.

hug chair 03


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