Keeping Your Home Clean With A Pet In Residence

dog careAnimal lovers have special needs when it comes to cleaning up after their pets and keeping their homes spic and span.

Pets don’t wash their paws after they eat and many times (especially those with new puppies) can make a mess on your carpets because of poor potty training habits.

Here are some must have products for the dog or cat owner that wants their house to sparkle and shine.

  • Lint Remover: Anyone that shares their home with pets is well aware of the hair factor.  Having a lint remover will allow you to easily get rid of unwanted pet hair that will ruin your attire quickly and easily. Place it near the front door and well away from the pets for when you are getting ready to go out.
  • Enzymatic Cleaner: This is a product to neutralize the odors from a pet mess. If you use conventional cleaners they may only mask the odor, but your pet will still be able to smell his/her urine or bowel movement and will mark the spot as their “bathroom.”
  • Wet Dry Vac: This product will come in handy for those that have puppies. It is not unusual that a pup will eliminate in the house before he is fully potty trained and having this appliance can get rid of the stain and odor in short order. It will also be useful for ridding pet hair and dander from your couch.
  • Black Light: Just like the black lights of the hippie generation, owning one of them when you have a pet is a good idea when you know your dog went but not where. The black light will illuminate the stain and mess in order for you to clean it up in short order.
  • Brush with Firm Bristles: This will be a handy product for deep down pet stains that other methods are not reaching. Be sure you wash it after each use.

Your pet is more than likely a valuable addition to your family and in order to keep everyone healthy a regular cleaning routine should be practiced and that includes the pets. Just as you don’t want to live in filth, neither do they.

Get going and find some of the products we mentioned above and before you know it, neighbors, friends and relatives won’t even be aware you have a pet in residence.


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