Half Round Gutters – Useful Tips on How to Install Them

Although the gutters aren’t the first feature that people usually notice on a home, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t important. The truth is that while the normal gutters are pretty easy to install, the half-round gutters are more difficult to deal with but they offer protection against water damage to your home.

Make repairs

The first thing that you have to do when installing is repairing or replacing the fascia board.



In order to be able to install, you need the measurements of the gutter. At this stage, you have to be thinking about the extra length that you need at the ends. Also you have to take into consideration the ends that are going to be mitered. These need a 45° angle cut with the help of a hacksaw.


Cut the gutter to the right size with the help of a hacksaw. If you need a longer gutter than the standard length, you will have to connect two pieces together. You can do this by overlapping an 8 inch piece, connecting the items with self-tapping screws or pop rivets. In order to prevent leaks you should use silicone.


There is also need for a downspout opening for the downspout outlet. This can be easily created with the help of a whole saw where the downspout has to go. You will have to attach the downspout later.


You need to find the right placement of the gutter on the fascia. Use a tape measure and draw a chalk line. The highest point of the gutter is supposed to be 1.25 inches from the roof and the slope should be 0.5 inches from the start point. Place the hanger brackets into the fascia.

Place it

Place the gutter on the hangers and rotate them until the gutter clicks in place under the hook. Don’t forget about the corner pieces either. These are usually added with the help of aluminum strips. At the top you should split the aluminum and fold both halves over the top of the gutter’s edge. In this case, you need to use silicone too. Installing the gutter isn’t very difficult but you have to be really careful to avoid any possible leaks. This way you can protect your home against erosion, water damage and the curb appeal will be increased, the house having a higher market value if you want to sell. Read more at http://web.archive.org/web/20130828223805/http://www.homeinteriorszone.com/home-products/half-round-gutters/#vTXcglfWLrleK73S.99


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