Flea Market – The Treasure Chest of Vintage Décor

The flea market is filled with numerous items that some consider as garbage, but which in the same time represent true treasures for others. You don’t have to think big but rather keep an eye out for the smaller objects that you could use around the house as decorative elements.

These elements can look ordinary but with a drop of creativity they can become the key notes of vintage décor style.

Flea Market

For example you can look for some little birds that you could use as recurring decorative items. You could paint them in different colors and a good idea is to glue them to the wall, or put them on tables as simple decorative elements. Also you might find some letters to add to the walls spelling a word dear to your heart.

If you find some small items that you would like to have, a great place to display them is the bookcase, along with the items that you have already in there. For this special purpose you can consider bowls, vintage book ends and other smaller items to help the books keep in place and add some vintage air to a boring bookcase.

You should not be satisfied with looking only for the items, but for the different colors as well. For example you might get a cabinet and a large art piece to add some color and this way to balance the room.

You could take advantage of the space offered by the walls. Look for some old looking narrow planks that you could add to the walls. You can use these to display small objects, like figurines and artwork, not to mention photo frames.

Mix the new objects with the old ones. In many cases you can find some vintage items that have a really reasonable price. In other cases the reproductions might work out just fine, and usually they have price able to fit a small budget. You can always use this idea in the dining room, with a new table and some vintage chairs.

In case you have little space to work with, make the furniture have a double role. For example in the case of a vintage hutch double you might use it as a hiding place for the spices, and in the same time on the top you could display some terrariums.

These could be created from cheap jars through adding small rocks, soil and small ferns. To make them even more eye-catching, you could also add some small toys, dollhouse pieces and miniature trees.

In this world every item has its purpose, and you should think about the most unlikely place to use certain items. For example you might use an old roll of coupons as a pedestal for a flower pot.

Why not create art of items that other people think are garbage? You could use a vintage shadow box to hold a number of small items, which would be suitable for the theme of the house.

For example you could add a handheld fan, a vase, a photo frame, figurines and so on, of different colors, but make sure in the end they become a whole. For the piece of art to match the theme of the house, you could also add a little bird to the top of it.


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