Manor House Fireplaces

Standing as proof that fireplaces will always be perceived as a elegant, timeless feature of any interior, Manor House Fireplaces offers a comprehensive range of all types of fires, as well as numerous services guaranteed to eliminate any stress or concern related to their installation and maintenance.

The company’s excellent products, services and good name have persisted through more than three decades, resulting in a long, trustworthy expertise.


Drawing inspiration from classic models as well as contemporary tendencies, these fireplaces come in three main variations: marble, stone and cast iron, each with their particular styling details. In addition to being undeniably charming, they are also versatile, as most suit various appliances.

studio1 glassStoves

Understanding the demand for diversity and people’s distinctive tastes, Manor House Fireplaces sells all types of including: wood burning stoves, cassettes, multi fuel, gas and electric. From the unmistakable appeal of traditional, genuine wood burning stoves to the impressive and innovative visual effects of electric ones, there is an abundance of products to choose from.

manor house stoveAppliances

Meeting the space and convenience requirements of modern interiors, the three types of appliances available (gas fires, hole in the wall fires and electric fires) are more easily fitted and straightforward to operate. They are also energy efficient and most do not require an open ventilation system, which makes them perfect for flats or awkward shaped buildings.


Besides fireplaces, stoves and appliances, you can also purchase accessories, such as logs and kindling for wood burning or multi fuel stoves. Moreover, good quality flues, flue parts and flue pipe thermometers, complemented by maintenance items. Chimney cleaning products are also available.

Occasional furniture

The creation of a perfect interior relies on many factors, one of which is furniture. Occasional furniture can be the ideal completing touch. This range of items, consisting of diverse models of sofas and chairs, is a collection of equally chic and tasteful additions to any décor.

Since fitting fireplaces or stoves can often result quite complicated, Manor House Fireplaces offers a broad array of related services to see customers through the whole installation process and beyond.

Located in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, the Manor House Showroom displays more than 120 items, comprising stoves, fires and fireplaces, offering customers a real life experience, in terms of dimensions, texture, heat output and visual effects.


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