10 Stylish Sconces to Light Up Your Home

Lighting fixtures are the focal points of any home décor. Sconces are one such fixture which not only brighten up your living spaces but also give life to them.

They are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. Here are 10 stylish sconce ideas to refocus your interior décor this season.

Stylish Sconces to Light Up Your Home

1. Paired Sconce

Contemporary styles of scones such as these add to the décor and utility as well. Ideal for focusing light, paired sconces are put to use in bathrooms and dressing areas right above the mirrors.

2. Lantern Sconce

A mix of hurricane lanterns and garden lights, this sconce is a good source of light in the front rooms of the house. Traditionally used in for exteriors lighting, they withstand harsh weathers and are easy to maintain.

3. Classic Sconce

The classic sconce is a smooth finish metallic fixture topped with a mini lamp shade. They are generally installed in pairs, one on either side of a king size bed or an ornate mirror in the master bathroom. It is used to add an air of sophistication to the interiors.

4. Glam Sconce

The crystal embellished sconce is a sensual piece of lighting for a romantic room. The ideal place to install this ornate piece would be the dressing area of your bedroom.

5. Industrial Sconce

This caged sconce gives a structured, industrial look to your space.  It is ideal in a chic loft, small spaces or even studies and working spaces.

6. Vintage Sconce

The stretchable arm of this sconce makes it an ideal choice for bedside lighting. This is more of a utility lighting but can also gel with those interiors which have a vintage background in them.

7. Feminine Sconce

Hand blown glass bulbs pooled together form an excellent sconce idea. Be it nude or colored, they lend a feminine look to the room. They can be used to decorate female bachelor pads, studio apartments or exclusive feminine living spaces. These double up as interesting art pieces even when not lit.

8. Zoom-In Sconce

A unique sconce piece, this lovely candle light sconce not only spreads light in your small room but also adds interest to your interiors. This would be an awe-inspiring feature of your living room, for sure.

9. Mirrored Sconce

The mirrored sconce is an ideal way to reflect more light into the room. The faceted mirror will not only brighten up your space, but will also spread the light to the farthest corners of the room. Thus this lovely looking sconce is also an energy conserving source.

10. Barely-There Sconce

For a minimalist looking interior, this simple sconce perched on a salvaged wooden board is an ideal match. The filaments of the two incandescent bulbs give a retro look to the décor. This is an ideal décor piece for those looking at retro elements in their interiors and can be put together at home with use of discarded wood and bulb holders.

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