Top 10 Fall Colors to Give Life Back to Your Walls

Thinking of fall brings all the colors of warmth to your mind. From browns to yellows, orange to red, this season inspires you to go ahead and give the much needed color makeover for your home. Here are the 10 latest colors trending this season.

Top 10 Fall Colors to Give Life Back to Your Walls

1. Bronze

Use of bronze as a color scheme can transform your home into a cozy heaven. Adding drapes and wall paper to match this scheme will add to the elegance. Including bold colored center pieces in orange and red will accentuate the effect and transform the entire feel of the room.

2. Yellow

Continuing the use of warm and bold colors to complement each other, here is another example of how one could add a touch of culture and exotic look to the interiors. Use of yellow on walls and orange accessories has brought out the best in the room.

3. Pastel hues

If bold is not your style then do not be disappointed. Bring in pastel hues of beige into your interiors and add a few splashes of bolder shades in the accessories. Throw in a lot of light and you are ready for brightening your room with the moods of fall. Good use of cedar and maple wood in the furniture goes with the flow.

4. Chocolate shade & mute orange

If you love light colors then this is the look for you. Complement the light colored walls with chocolate shades of the furniture and a dash of mute orange on the furnishings. The coppery tones set the mood for your warm weekend soirees.

5. Red color

If you are itching to use red color in your interiors this time around, then remember to go for neutral color wall paint. The red must be used to highlight your centre pieces while blending with the background. Careful use of accessories that have a splash of red in them will complete the look.

6. Orange

If orange is your centre of focus, then blend it well with browns and neutral shades to avoid jamming the place and turning it claustrophobic.

7. Yellow-green

Yellow-green walls as a décor choice could be dicey. Make sure you complement it with wine colored furnishings and dark brown furniture. Add a colorful piece of contemporary art to complete the look.

8. Rich Brown

If using rich browns as a predominant color choice for your walls, then accentuate the interiors with red color in drapes, throws or lamp shades. Green also does wonders in terms of furniture, furnishings and rugs.

9. Rust

A rust colored wall will draws lots of complements if teamed with neutral colored objects. Go for brown furniture and matching furnishings. Couple it with warm lighting and allow lots of natural light to enter.

10. Green

Green walls add a look of grandeur to your living rooms. Accentuate them with pinks and oranges in the furnishings and displays to make it chic and ethnic. Careful use of motif throws and antiques in contrasting colors will create magic in your room.



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