The ‘Endless Pool’ For When You Just Don’t Have The Space

The Endless PoolSome of us simply love to swim and can think of no better way to exercise and keep in shape, but for the fact that we simply do not have the luxury of space to install a pool or the resources to maintain one.

Well there is an innovative and exciting pool concept which borrows from the treadmill concept, and makes it possible to actually have a home pool; albeit one with a difference…

The Endless Pool is actually a swimming machine that can be installed in a small space in your home. It generates a current so that the swimmer has to swim against it and the rate and speed of the current can be adjusted as required.

Normally with a small pool it is not possible to get much of a work out since the laps that you would be able to do would be typically very small. However with the endless pool you have the benefit of doing literally endless laps in a very small space.

The pools offered are made of different materials as may be required and are of different sizes to suit different requirements.  So even if you don’t have the space, aqua therapy is not an option that you have to rule out!


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