Practical Advice To Make The Most Of Your Cellar

cellarThe cellar of a house is usually a very crowded place and quite unsanitary in many of the cases.

This is where we usually store our old and useless things.

With a bit of imagination and a little more effort this place can be turned into a very nice room without losing its capacity of storage place.

Apart from the other areas of the house, the cellar is not limited to a certain purpose like the bedrooms [bedroom designs] and the kitchen area.

Being a very versatile space, the decoration options are multiple. Before starting the decoration process some essential aspects need taking care of. These are the access passages, the windows, the floor and the isolation.

After that the attention needs to go to the cleaning, organizing and sanitizing the space.

The stairs and the door need to be resistant and facilitate the access inside and outside the cellar.

A special attention needs to go to ventilation because the cellar tends to retain a mold like smell so the walls usually need a treatment with anti molding solution and an effective ventilation system.

As for the floor, the lay of a concrete layer where there isn’t one already, is a very good idea. The concrete floor will isolate from the damp. On top of the concrete floor you can put a rug or wooden floor.

The specialists recommend marble like sticker floor that can be easily removed when one needs to access the pipes.


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