Painting Vs Wallpaper – Which is a Better Option?

When it comes to choosing an option for your walls of either your new house or while reconstructing an old one, you will always face confusion between painting and using wallpapers.  Both painting and wallpapers can add a touch of freshness and newness to any space or wall and have their pros and cons.

Where on one hand, painting has been around for hundreds of years, wallpapers have become a rage in the past few years. If you are confused between the two then the following given comparison will prove to be of use to you.

painting Vs wallpaper


When it comes to durability, wallpapers of good quality can last for about 15 years and prove to be cost effective in the long run.  It is a general perception that wallpapers tend to last about 3 more times than paint. But on the other hand, paint may not prove as durable as it can get dirty quickly and may need fresh application or coat every few years.

Ease of Application

Paint is much more easy to apply and fairly simple to accomplish. Most people can do a paint job on their own by just purchasing supplies. One does not need to remove the existing paint in order to apply a new coat since a fresh shade can simply be applied onto the old one. In fact, paint can also be applied on wallpaper. Before painting, Southern Home Services LLC recommends applying a layer of primer as to protect the old paint from bleeding through. On the other hand, you may need to hire a specialist to get wallpapers installed and you may first need to remove old wallpaper to apply a new one which can take a lot of time since removing it is a tedious task.

Options and Choices

Paints may be available in many colors and finishes but wallpapers come in all kinds of designs, styles, colors, patterns and finishes. Thus you get a much wider choice in wallpapers than in paints. Wallpapers look much more elegant and can immediately bring alive any space.


When it comes to the cost, paint usually costs less than wallpapers. But on the other hand, since wallpapers are more durable, they prove to be a much more cost effective option over a long period of time. By spending on reapplication of paint again and again, the overall cost may turn out to be same or even more than wallpapers. Moreover, paint tends to chip off again and again and may need maintenance.


Both wallpapers and paint need maintenance however wallpapers can be cleaned by just wiping them with a dry cloth, paint may need to be cleaned by using water and even a soap solution. It is better to choose low maintenance paint in order to avoid the hardwork of cleaning it again and again.

If you are confused between the two, then one thing that you can do is to use a combination of paint and wallpaper. You can put wallpaper on one or two walls and paint on the others in a room.


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