Painting Tips To Make Your Interior Painting Quick And Easy!

Interior PaintingInterior painting is an excellent way to enhance the beauty of the room.

The shade you select for the room can brighten or lighten it.

Interior painting can make small room appear larger and larger rooms to be more inviting [Effective house painting tips].

Interior painting is very easy to apply. It creates a wonderful look to the space when done perfectly.

Fortunately, here are simple interior painting ideas to ensure that your painting creates the area look great and last for years.

Interior Painting – Painting Tips

  • An interior painting with perfect colors enhances the look of the space. So, for perfect color selection, start your search through shopping, magazines, and brochures.
  • As the wall colors appear differently in different lighting conditions, take the samples of selected paint and examine them on the walls during the day, the evening, and at night beneath an incandescent light.
  • When selecting a bold, strong color, take one or two shades lighter, as the shade of the color differs when used as a sample on a small portion and as full color on a big wall.
  • Interior painting is easy and a great job if you prepare the walls thoroughly through scraping off loose paint, filling the holes and cleaning the surfaces. A solution of TSP (trisodium phosphate) is best to clean surfaces.
  • For best results, start interior painting on warm days so that the paint dries fast, reducing the possibilities for disasters.
  • As doors and windows are permanent fixtures, make sure you choose a good-quality paint that lasts for years. For trimming the windows and doors, use a paint that is formulated to survive for longer period even after repeated cleaning.
  • Start your interior painting with a little planning. Planning your work in advance can make your interior painting go smoother. Generally, start painting from the top-the ceiling, the main body, and then the trim.
  • To seal water stains, use shellac. The reason is shellac dries very quickly. To clean shellac, always use alcohol instead of mineral spirits.
  • The wall items such as electrical plates need to be removed instead of taping. Removing the items is quicker and easier than masking. Cover up only those items that can’t remove. For door/window glass, stick dry newspapers and apply masking tape near all edges.
  • Use a garbage bag to store the painting equipments. This keeps the equipments away from drying out when you stop painting overnight or a few hours. Plastic sandwich bags are best for brushes. It keeps the brush in their shape. For rollers use Ziploc storage bags.
  • It is best to clean the interior painting equipments immediately after finishing its work. To clean the paint brush, be careful and see that the bristles are not getting wet beyond half of their length.
  • If the brushes are fully dried out, try soaking them in water-washable paint remover overnight and comb it using bronze wire brushes.
  • To speed up your interior painting, buy or rent a power roller. A power roller is a quicker and very easy roller. It can paint the interior of your home – a hallway, living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen – in one day.


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