Making Your Ideas For a Real Home as Never Been so Easy

I have always dreamed about my perfect home as many others do.

There are lots of different combinations and styles to decorate houses, but for my home I would like a modern style.

It does not mean that I dislike antiques or traditional styles, of course.

I sometimes see photos on the internet of traditional homes made in wood and I really like it.

However, my idea of my future perfect house is made by modern furniture.

I have a lot of ideas of furniture or designs that I would like for my home, but, above all, I have a picture in my mind.

I imagine a dining room with nice and white wardrobes, plenty of books. Also, there is a very big, comfortable and grey L sofa with lots of cream cushions on it.

It would have a large carpet under the table. I don’t mind the colour too much, but if I could choose, I would rather a red carpet. Nevertheless, I just need it to be soft and pleasant.

In the centre of the dining room there would be a rectangular and black and white table. Not too big, but good enough to have a cup of tea in the afternoon with good company. All of this should be illuminated by an impressive and expensive lamp placed in the centre of the room.

What better than enjoying a cold winter evening by sitting on my sofa with a blanket and watching TV in this marvellous dining room? Of course, the TV would be absolutely enormous for seeing movies and series the best way possible.

The big windows in the room show a nice garden outside, plenty of colourful flowers and tall trees. In addition, a swing hangs from a tree, just in front of a fantastic garden table. Even if it is raining it looks perfect.

Well… I know dreaming is free but perhaps all this luxury furniture that I imagine is too expensive for poor me.

For the moment, I have to content myself with seeing my fantastic home on photos or just imagining it. Meanwhile, I’ll compile really good ideas and when I can afford them, I will do it for real.

Nonetheless, although my dreams are made by luxury furniture, I can find very well priced furniture to make a perfect home. It is easy if you have imagination.

Even so, this winter my dreams of having a house that’s a little more comfortable can become true, thanks to the £100 that I can obtain if I win the competition that FADS has created.

This competition is based on creating boards on Pinterest with photos of the perfect home decorated with FADS furniture.

You just need to make a board called #FADSWinterWarmer and pin pictures of your ideas for a home. I will definitely share my wonderful dining room and garden on Pinterest and try my luck!


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