Keep It Simple, Keep It Wild By Bruce Bolander

If you are fond of creative designs keeping it real and also amazingly getting in all the perfect simplicity surrounded by solitude and wild beautiful scenery, you should really consider this design by Bruce Bolander.

Built on the Malibu area, this house is every bachelor’s dream and in the mean time every artist’s desire.

Created to be sturdy, simple, fresh and in the same time private, the house and its location says a lot about the ultimate passion for splendid independence. Steel and wood may not be fire proof but they are sure less expensive.

Sturdy concrete base give it exactly the right character to impose and also the strength to hold a wood platform on steel framing, large windows, and practical furniture.

The design allows a lot of space, creates the illusion of amazing daylight and retains the glory of a wild youth in need of a party.

The interior design resembles a freedom writer studio but has all the modern looks dictated by the tendencies.

In short, this house is so much more than simply large, it has a clear way of expressing a family residence dreaming of a free life, but also showing an honest distain for order and complicated designs.

It is straight up, simple, not lovely but daring…the right way to express a need for large rooms, minimalist furniture and a reign of light inside a modern home ready to conquer hearts.

Source: homedit


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