If You Have A Sense Of Vintage Luxury Try On Vimercati

Everybody wants to change something for themselves in spring. It’s not only a celebration of nature’s rebirth, but also a rebirth of everybody’s inner self.

So why not start with changing something different for yourself than the clothes everybody is talking about in this period.

If you are an owner of a big house and are an absolute fan of vintage luxury you should check out what Vimercati’s proposes for this season in terms of interior design.

An elegant collection of vintage furniture, which will give the ancient classy touch to your home that a lot of people would die for, is yours to claim.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the modern designs that filled the markets the passed years this might be the thing you need. Beige, crimson combined with golden, light mauve with silver gold, these are the colors that will decorate your house. Not to mention the perfect decorations and details applied on the armchairs.

And if you are thinking they won’t match the walls and might want to consider painting, this furniture is worth every cent you’ll spend. And after you finish redecorating, just sit on your new sofa and see how relaxing it is due to the smart deep designed seats of the sofas and armchairs. Tempting, right?

Source: decodir


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