The Beginner’s Guide to Home Improvements via Solar Panels

One of the most popular topics in our days is ‘going green’. This is something that affects not only the adult generation, but seniors and children as well.

When people talk about ‘green’ homes, they usually refer to energy, but there are also some other aspects of life that can be turned green, and such examples are hybrid cars, wind energy, reusable bags, eco-friendly clothing, and recycled home décor. All these represent a part of the defense line for the safety of Earth.

Solar PanelsMankind has come up with alternative options for fuel, and in our days people are talking more and more about saving energy.

There are two major types of plans for solar houses. One of them is the ‘Passive Solar Plan’. This refers to trapping the solar energy and using it as part of the design of the house.

This kind of plan could be effective or not, based on where the house is located; the climate could be cooler, such as in the case of the Northeast, or the climate could be warmer, like in the case of Southwest.

In case you are thinking about opting for this plan, you will have to count the windows that are facing south. Cover all of these windows with solar window shades. This way you will be able to keep the house cool during the summer.

The second type of solar energy plan is the ‘Active Solar Plan’. This kind of plan takes the use of solar energy a little further. Just as in the previous case, people are trapping the energy of sun, but in this case, energy is trapped and distributed in the entire home.

In the majority of the cases you will need to purchase solar-energy equipment. This way you will be able to transform the solar energy into energy that you can use to operate several different appliances. The most common types of equipment include solar panels and water heaters.

According to the professionals, the best way to make your home energy efficient is to mix the two kinds of plans. It doesn’t really matter whether you go for the passive or the active plan, or for their combination, you will still need solar roof panels.

There are some ways to achieve weather protection and to efficiently generate solar energy, such as the photovoltaic shingles. The length of the majority of the PV shingles varies between 1 foot and 85 inches. These shingles are placed one by one over the entire roof.

It is also possible to alter the size of the shingles in order for them to be suitable for the specific needs of your home. If you are seeking the best results possible, you should get the PV shingles installed by hiring a roofer.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to turn your home into a green one and shape up its exterior look at the same time.


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