Home Facelifts On A Budget Require Creativity

home faceliftsGiving your home a face lift does not have to cost the earth in fact if your budget is small it is all about being more creative.

Paint can achieve a lot for the least amount of money, instantly freshening up a tired room very quickly.

Look out for discounted paint in stores or special offers, for even better bargains.

Always be on the look out for second hand furniture at yard sales, Freecycle or Craigslist. In a lot of cases, a lick of paint or even a good clean will bring something up like new. Junk is also a question of taste, in other words someone could be throwing out an object that you will love to have.

Save on expensive interiors magazines by going to your local library and check out the books on home style too. Shop at end of season sale time but be sure not to get carried away, a bargain is only that if you know how you will actually use it.

In a bedroom, a new set of bed linen can make an immediate difference and is relatively affordable. Other accents too can be altered by a few new cushions and a display of varying sizes of candles.

Try creating a feature wall in a strong color with either paint or a wall covering in will instantly change a room. [Wall Painting]

Make some cheap art by papering striking prints onto artist’s canvasses or even paint them freehand, you don’t need to be an expert, simple blocks of color are fine.


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