Patio Maintenance During The Spring Season

patio maintenanceSpring is the time for refreshing your outdoor patio. Winter weather is past and the birds are beginning to sing.

The grass is growing and becoming a lush beautiful green.

Spring flowers are popping up all over your yard and you are longing to spend some time outside.

Visions of having company over for a barbeque are beginning to form in your mind but your patio is not up to par.

Maintaining your patio during the Spring Season will be easy with a few simple tasks. Proper maintenance is the key.

Inspecting Patio Structure

The first thing you need to do is inspect your patio. Take a pen and paper with you so you can write things down that need to be repaired or painted. Check the woodwork of your patio for weathering.

A fresh coat of stain can be applied to your deck to give it a fresh look and also weatherize it for summer and winter.

Look underneath your patio’s deck and make sure you don’t have to replace any boards that have rotted due to weather. Make sure there are no loose boards to nail down especially if your patio has stairs.

You don’t want anyone falling down and getting hurt. Tackle any repairs yourself one at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. Hiring a contractor is another option that you can entertain if the job is too big for you.

Cleaning Patio Furniture

Patio furniture when left out in the weather will have wear from the elements. It can sometimes develop mold on its plastic covering. Scrub the mold with a mixture of Clorox and water and it will disappear.

You may want to wear gloves and a mask for this process. Glass and metal outdoor patio furniture can be cleaned up with soap and water.

Patio Grill and Oven

Your patio grill or outdoor oven will need some cleaning. A wire brush is a good tool to clean your patio grill’s grates and make sure they are clean for barbecuing. Gas grills should be checked for leaks in the gas lines.

You will want to clean out any remaining ashes in your outdoor oven so it will be able to breathe properly when you decide to cook in it.

Flower Boxes and Hanging Baskets

What would spring be like without spring flowers and plants? If you have flower boxes and hanging baskets on your patio you will want to clean out all of the old dirt and plants in them for spring planting. [Patio Decoration]

A fresh coat of paint can be applied to your flower boxes to make them look like new again.

Chains need to be checked on your hanging baskets to see if they are broke or rusted. You won’t want them falling down. Flowers can be purchased at any nursery that are already blooming if you don’t want to wait for them bloom.

Your patio will be a showplace for friends and family after you complete your patio maintenance.


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