Top 6 Colors to Paint Your House with in 2012

A new paint job has the ability to bring a house to new life and this is something that you should consider in case you are thinking about doing something around the house.

If new color is what your heart desires, then you should know the latest trends regarding colors.

1. Blue

It is known that the White Blue is a big hit this year, but there are some other shades as well that you should take into consideration, such as Montpelier that is more of a grayish blue.

Colors to Paint Your House

The good thing about this color is that it is timeless. Another kind of blue to think about is Amethyst Shadow that, as you may have thought, is a more purplish blue.

2. Grays

Although a lot of people would never consider painting their walls gray, you should know that there are some stars in this color category as well, such as Sharkskin, Stardust, Revere Pewter and Nimbus Gray. Make sure that you at least take them into consideration before making up your mind.

3. Neutrals

It’s not enough to have neutral colors this year, it is also important for them to have a soft hue. This is why some of the favorites include White Dove, Ballet White, Pashmina and Refined.

The big advantage of the colors is that they never go out of fashion and they match just any style.

4. Going bold

In case of the urban settings people are known to be a bit bolder when it comes to colors. This is why they are going for the more spicy tones such as Gypsy Love or Persimmon that are vivid and lively and fill people with the energy that they need to get through the day.

5. Earth tones

In 2012 the earth tones make a huge comeback. They have become so popular because they are colors that are timeless, and so people are thinking that they won’t need a new paint job soon, thus making some economies in a time of economic uncertainty. The tones of this kind that you may be thinking about include Farm Fresh, Masada, Fresh Olive and Dunmore Cream.

6. Metals

In case you would like your home to literally shine, make sure that you use some metal colors. It is more than trendy to have a bit of gold, bronze or silver in the home, and for sure you will find some matching accessories too to go with it.


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