5 Energy Saving Tips For Winter

energy savingAre you worried about energy saving in winter?

If you are really worried about energy saving in winter months, then you have to prepare your home before winter strikes.

Here are few recommended tips to save energy in winter.

  • Many homes actually lose valuable heat present because of leaks. Survey your home for air leaks that can lead to heat seepage during winter. Especially, windows and doors are common places for air leaks.
  • Insulate your house well and cover walls, floors as well as ceilings of your home with best insulating materials. This can help you effectively to prevent heat seepage from your home and consequently reduces fuel bills.
  • When you are using a fireplace to warm the room, ensure that you turndown the heaters or any other room heating systems.
  • Install a programmable thermostat in your house and set it to lower temperatures whenever your house is unoccupied and also at night. You can also wear sweaters and socks indoors when you lower thermostat to keep yourself warm.
  • Seal off unoccupied or unused rooms of your home, particularly when you are using a thermostat. Keep wall registers and doors closed when any home heating systems are running on.


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