Bathroom Decors to suit your Little Ones

No more running behind your kids, nagging them to take a shower or to brush their teeth! Here are some trouble-free methods of decorating their bathrooms.

The beautiful decor and the comfy tone will catch the fancy of the kids to do so, themselves. However, while getting all the fanciful décor in the washrooms; don’t forget to recheck its safety measures as kids will be using it.

Check for all the nooks and corners that might be dangerous for the child. Here are some wonderful ideas that are both safe and alluring for the kids –

bathroom decors to suit your little ones

Attractive Ambience and Accessories

As you know, the kids like to have bright and cheerful surroundings. Painting the walls of the bathrooms with vibrant colours or by using pattern wall papers will draw their attention. You can also use striking accessories such as animal carved stools, dustbins, toothbrushes and bath tubs which will help in beautifying the atmosphere.

Strategise Smartly

The children, as we know, grow up in a blink of an eye. Therefore it is advisable to keep the future needs in mind. Use standard height commodes, washbasins and bath tubs so that it is not a hassle during their growing period and the reconstruction does not pinch your pockets. Until the child hits the growth spurt, the usage of stools is a smart idea.

Utmost Priority: Security and Safeguard

As they say, “Curiosity killed the cat”, the curious nature of the young ones tend to build up certain dangerous situations.

1. Little feet do not stay still at a particular place and keep running, hopping and jumping around even in the bathrooms. Using no-slip flooring will ensure that they do not fall and hurt themselves.

2. Also, protecting the electrical switches and sockets with anti-shock technology will keep them safe from such accidents.

3. By installing anti-scald devices, you can protect your children from burning themselves in hot water.

No squabbles amongst the siblings

They love, they fight, yet together they are so right. In order to avert fights amongst the siblings, you can have a twin bathroom for them.

Side by side shower stalls and washbasins will help save time and the young ones will enjoy each other’s companies as well. But you have to make sure that there is enough water supply which can be used at the same time.

Systemise your bathroom

You need a storage plan which must include separate drawers so that they can keep their personal items in them. You will also need hooks, placed at a standard height so that your young ones can hang their towels and clothes on them.

Adopt these ideas, and make the bathroom time a fun and a frolic one for your kids.

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