10 Baroque Trends to Spruce up Your Home

Baroque interiors are pieces that contain patterns inspired by 17th century art forms.

They also come in antique finishes and give an ornamental look to the interior.

Here are 10 such baroque pieces that can add an aristocratic look to your home.

1. Black Rococo Carved Bed

Black Rococo Carved Bed

The ornate carving on this black bed makes it a perfect baroque style to fit in your interiors. Just this one piece is enough to transform your room from normal to opulent. A gold colored throw will complete the look and give extra bling to this sleeping couch.

2. Bonjout Boudoir Mirror

Bonjout Boudoir Mirror

The delicately carved black mirror can be used to decorate the walls of your living room. This can also go into a fancy powder room. Make sure that it is accentuated with right lighting elements. Wherever you place it, this mirror will form the centre of attraction. Available for sale at Littlewoods.

3. Ornate Chandelier

Ornate Chandelier

If your hallway is craving attention then just place this baroque inspired chandelier on the ceiling. Anyone entering your home will be dumb struck by its elegance. It is a good touch of antiquity to a modern home accessory. Get yours from The French Bedroom Company

4. Reflection Rug

Spruce up Your Home

The bold and confident pattern of this rug is a reflection of the baroque style of designing. When placed in the middle of a living room it defines the centrepiece. Order this rug from  Dunelm Mill

5. Antique Chest Of Drawers

 Antique Chest Of Drawers

This antique chest of drawers will adorn any bedroom or living room. Alternately, it could be placed in a central area of your house and use it to display your other baroque collections with pride.

6. Glamorous Candelabra

Glamorous Candelabra

The 5-arm candelabra are elegant even without the candles in them. Apart from forming a special baroque accessory in your home, it can be brought out on special occasions to light up your abode in luminous candles. Go to Alexander & Pearl and order your own candelabra right away.

7. Mineral Table Lamp

Mineral Table Lamp

This contemporary take on a baroque lamp is highly commendable. The designer has crafted a good table accessory keeping in line with the baroque trend. Collect your piece from Marks & Spencer.

8. Black Wall Clock

Black Wall Clock

The glamorous wall clock will look great against a contrasting white background. Place it on a hallway table or a side table in the living room for maximum impact. Available at Dotcomgiftshop

9. Black Flocked Cushion

Black Flocked Cushion

Flocked cushions have been popular since long and black ones are particularly used when baroque is the style of your interiors. Order online on The Range website.

10. Decorative Pineapples

Decorative Pineapples

A couple of black glazed pineapples are perfect to adorn your dining table and store your rolls too. These neatly crafted accent pieces are the latest in baroque experiments. Choose yours fromLittlewoods.


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