Helpful Kitchen Gadgets To Child Proof Your Kitchen And Prevent Injury

When you have a small child in the house, one of your biggest concerns need to be the child’s welfare, because there are many kitchen gadgets that a child can reach that you will not want them playing with when your back is turned.

The good news is there are also many kitchen gadgets you can buy to childproof your kitchen [Stylish kitchen Designs] so that if your child is playing underfoot while you cook, you know they are safe.

The toddler years are a wonderful age, but they can also be a dangerous age in the kitchen if you do not take advantage of several handy kitchen gadgets.

Child Proof Gates

The best possible thing you can own is a child proof gate that will keep your child out of the kitchen completely, but since your child will want to accompany you into the area while you are cooking, you will have to go farther and purchase more kitchen gadgets for these times.

Childproof kitchen gadgets such as latches to go over your sink cabinets and drawers are excellent.  These kitchen gadgets usually have a push and turn latch similar to a pill bottle that you have to use dexterity to open.  Thus, while you can get the kitchen gadgets unlatched, your child will not.

These are especially important to own if you keep cleaning products under the sink like many families and knives in a lower drawer your child may be able to reach.

You will also want to secure every additional drawer with kitchen gadgets locks because while there may not be anything potentially harmful in them, such as a towel drawer, if your child reaches to pull the drawer handle the drawer itself could fall on them injuring them.

Remember that children have very sensitive heads, and still many soft spots, so need all the drawers to have kitchen gadgets to prevent this from happening.

Safety and the Stove

If your child can reach the knobs on the oven, as many ovens have panel front knobs, you will also want to buy kitchen gadgets to place over the knobs, so that your child cannot accidentally hang from the bar and pull the oven down on themselves or accidentally turn the oven on.

Believe it or not, your child could potentially hang on the door if there are no kitchen gadgets keeping it shut, or even worse, climb up on the extended door and reach the top of the stove burning themselves on the burners.


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