Biometric Door Lock Opens The Door With Just Your Finger Tips!

biometric door lockAre you being locked outside of your house? As your door does not open even after too much effort, you feel like breaking your door.

Sometimes, in mid-winters, you put your key inside the key hole and recognize that your door is not opening because of the chilled climate. What will you do when you recognize that you have lost your keys when returning from the mid night party?

These are the most painful situations for any person and sometimes you feel like finding a better situation that helps you to get out of this.

How about a lock that opens up with just your fingers? Awesome right! You feel very happy if your fingers are keys for your home lock. The lock is recognized as Biometric door lock, which is operated on your finger touch.

This lock has an in-built scanner, which scans your finger print when you place your finger on this lock and opens the door. This is not at all connected to any computer or PC for operation.

Features of biometric door lock:

  • You can store 120 finger prints to open the lock
  • 500 dpi resolution sensors
  • Other than finger prints, you can even open the lock with pin number and keys.
  • Works on 4 AA sized batteries and does not need any connection with other appliances.
  • Gives an elegant look to the door

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