Top Italian Furniture Design

A lot of people are thinking about top Italian furniture design. This is because this furniture is of high quality using the best materials not to mention that it is comfortable and functional. There are some companies that you could be thinking about when looking for such furniture. specialise in landlord furniture so if you planning to re decorate and want a great set of furniture items and a great price then check them out.

Top Italian Furniture Design

B&B Italia

The company was founded back in 1966 and it offers numerous different kinds of models of sofas, tables, chairs, beds, tables, accessories and wall systems. For instance you may be thinking about the Luis sofa, the Tuffy-Too, or the Tuffy bed which are known to be really comfortable.

The Table

A really interesting Italian furniture design that is on the top is a white table that at first may seem pretty simple. If you take a closer look you will see that there is an amazing concept beneath the simple design. It is important for the table to look like it’s made of only one piece of material.


When thinking about top Italian furniture designs this is a company that you simply can’t ignore. The pieces of the company add drama to your home. You can find furniture for the dining room, living room, children’s bedroom and bedroom. Accessories and gifts are also manufactured by the company.


The best thing about the designs of top Italian furniture is that it is highly customizable so that you can have the pieces that you always wanted. For instance there is the urban-style sofa which comes with feather cushions and that is available in two different heights.


The specific thing about top Italian furniture design when it comes to this company is that the pieces are a combination of classic and modern features. One of the most interesting pieces of the company is the glass writing desk, made exclusively of glass.

Saba Italia

If you got interested in top furniture design made in Italy you should know that the company focuses on seating. You may like, for example, the Ananta sofa. There are a lot of different ways for you to personalize the piece, such as modifying the backrest.

There is one thing that you shouldn’t forget when it comes to top Italian furniture design: all the pieces are of high quality, but quality and design result in expenses so you have to prepare to find some really expensive pieces for your home.


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