Minale-Maeda Lego Buffet – Functionality Reinvented

When it comes to the typical Dutch design, it will surely be a surprising combination of old school methods and innovative elements.

The Dutch design team Minale-Maeda did exactly this and few days back they presented their Rietveld LEGO Buffet. This isn’t an ordinary buffet, for it is multifunctional and yet, simple. The secret behind this buffet is in its creation.

This buffet is made of 25,000 pieces of Lego and other materials, meant to create a solid construction. The designers decided to build something really unusual therefore they used a Lego constructor.

The buffet isn’t for children and looks more than modern. One of its advantages is that it is extremely functional and it is updated to offer a lot of storage and space.

We have seen lots of furniture made of Lego, but this one is different, for it is multifunctional and it is adding an artistic atmosphere in the home interior.

The edition is limited and so far only 5 buffets like this version were released.


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