Get Inspired to Create a Nautical Living Room Look

If you are living near the coast, for sure it would be perfect for you to have a nautically inspired style in your home. It’s not just about having small boats as decorations around the house; in fact it is about a lot more. To make sure that you will get it right, you should look for some sources of inspiration.

Get Inspired to Create a Nautical Living Room Look

Have a dining room

In case you are looking for a chic yet simple design look for statement stripes. Also make sure that you opt for a simple palette so that there won’t be too many colors. When it comes to the windows, you don’t necessarily have to use curtains but you could have sheer blinds to have a bit of privacy.

Simple furniture

When you are looking for new furniture, to have the right style, you should keep an eye out for the simple designs. Nonetheless that doesn’t mean that you can’t use colors. For instance you may have a simple red bench. This way you can save some space if you don’t have chairs in the room.


As it has been mentioned before, for the perfect nautical style it is best to have items with stripes. The colors should be simple. Use white in combination with other colors, such as navy blue or red. These combinations are just perfect for the dining room chairs.

Within the budget

Even if the remodeling is supposed to cost a lot, remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve the right look. For example you can opt for simple pendant lights. This way you can save some money and you can add an industrial and modern touch to the room.

Seashell accessories

In order to have some cohesion in the room, even the smallest decorations should have something to do with the nautical theme. To achieve an artisanal feel you should have shell themed items lying around the room. These shouldn’t be too colorful either; opt for neat white items.

Cute crockery

The crockery should also have the same color theme as the rest of the room: red, blue and white. This way you can be sure that you will get it right. You could have a cabinet to display items of this kind and so they will serve as decoration as well.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on remodeling; just choose the items that you get wisely.


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