From Complex to Functional – This Year Say Yes to Sofas

In this season sofas seem to be back, and they are back in force. Since the beginning of those times when people were concerned about the space that they call home, the sofa has been the most important item in a living room.

Although they have suffered many changes over the years, people still find them important. In many cases this is the most expensive piece of the living room, and this is why the owners expect it to serve them well and to keep the look that it has for a long time.


It’s not only the interior design that influences the look of the sofas, but also the exterior forces. Lately we have witnessed an emerging concern regarding the environmental issues, and this is also reflected in the way that the new sofas have been created.

We might witness a desire for sustainability and value, without having to give up the quality and the style of the products.

In the latest designs there is a lot of leather used to add the desired style to the sofa and in the same time to make it look warm and comfortable. Another trend that we might recognize this year is that more and more people are accenting the sofas with matching armchairs.

When it comes to design it is also important to know that the hi-tech styles have gained a lot of space, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t comfortable. They offer the same level of comfort as the traditional sofas, the only difference is that they are more flexible.

Another very important driving force is functionality. It’s not enough anymore to have a sofa that is nothing more than just a sofa. A lot of people are seeking those products that might also be used as a guest bed.

A lot of house owners have to face the fact that they don’t have as much space as they would like to, and so the corner sofas are gaining more and more popularity, since they seem to need less room.

When it comes to colors, if you would like to have a trendy home, you might consider the neutral colors. These are modern and in the same time sustainable, while you don’t have to be afraid that in the next year they won’t be trendy anymore.

The most popular colors in this season include white, black, beige, brown and grey.

These colors might be neutral, but they don’t necessarily have to be dull or cold. The modern neutral colors might offer the warmth that the room needs and also richness. Nonetheless they offer that neutral background that is suitable in order to display more vivid and saturated colors.

There are a lot of designers that are known to offer trendy and stylish sofa designs for those that would like to keep up with everything that is new. Such designers include Patricia Urquiola. The special feature of these sofas is that they combine the look and functionality of the couch, single bed and chair-lounge.


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