Latest Wall Unit Designs for Living Room

Living rooms constitutes the most important part of the house. Latest wall unit designs for living room will give an idea about choosing from various styles and decors available. Current trends offer us plenty of choices when it comes to the selection of wall units. Be it colors, arrangement, cabinets etc. Let us see the latest wall unit designs for living room.

Latest Wall Unit Designs for Living Room

Colorful Choice

The modern wall units don’t restrict to the monochrome feature. It offers us lot of varieties, in terms of colors. The choice of the color depends in your expectation about the living rooms.  If the living room is used for both lively gathering and leisure then go for light red and white colored walls with simple in built storage racks and ultra modern furniture. There will be dull light fitted for relaxations and bright lights add lot of energy into the room.

Wooden Wall Unit

  • A living room wall can turn the look of the room according to ones preference just by choosing right wall papers or units. The Wooden cabinets in the living room can be highlighted by choosing rustic wooden shade brick tiles at the back of the cabinet walls and sandal colored paint for the other side of the walls.
  • The cabinet shall be very simple with few important artistic displays highlighting the shades of the walls.

The Fresh Green Look

  • The wall behind the storage is painted in shade of black and rest of the walls in white. An off white cabinet with opened storage racks at the bottom, and dull lights around the wall can bring a calm effect on the room.
  • Two big plants placed on the either side will blend well with the modern effect. The opened storage rack at the top will have books and artistic pieces and few modern arts in a white background and black frame can add lot of charisma.

Ultra Modern Wall Unit

  • If you want sleek, attractive and yet scenic wall unit you can opt for white and brown shaded walls, with greenery hanging from the top and a built in wall panel. As the water flows through the pebbles, and a huge mirror on the opposite side of the wall displaying the scenery gives such a beautiful living room.
  • The other side shall have off white walls, with built in storage and a small open wooden cabinet at the bottom. The built in storage will have serene display and lighting and a huge television at the middle. This unit can bring out a natures retreat into the room.


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