Calimero Lamps Tell Everything About The Light

Interior design can be considered equal to nothing if in the ceiling we hang just bulbs or if we place a lamp that has nothing to do with the overall style of the room.

Light sources are the cherry on the top of the interior style cake we chose.

Calimero-lamps2The Calimero lamps have some strong arguments to make the whole room look just perfect. With their shape using three-dimensional geometry, can be easily integrated in any type of interior design, geometrical or not.


With the simple contrast between a square shaped stand and the lamp, brings up a pleasant view, as well as its placement on a circular surface can induce harmony.

Built out of chromed steel, combination of chrome steel with any type of textures for the walls or ceiling, innovative and surprising shapes, the Calimero lamps give, depending on model,  the impression of toughness, elegance and modern, but also give the sensation of discretion.

For example the abat-jour lamps integrally built out of chromed steel let the light spread only in one precise light-cone that will create the ideal untouchable shape to extend its circular style.


The use of chromed steel on curved surfaces makes everything reflect in a fascinating way and other light sources will reflect in the surface, lighting spots on walls or ceiling, giving the opportunity to obtain a styled atmosphere only by inspired placement of the laps.

Varying from ceiling lamps, abat-jour to floor lamps, Calimero lamps can be used in high ceiling rooms, hallways, small intimate rooms, in offices and conference rooms, lighting discreetly in a corner or filling the whole room with the most interesting shades on walls and keeping ideal light levels in the same time.

In conclusion, the Calimero lamps tell everything about the light being suitable for any taste in interior design.

Source : cattelanitalia


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