Selecting An Indoor Swimming Pool

indoor poolInstalling an interior swimming pool may seem like an unnecessary luxury during these difficult times but rather than having money nervously sitting in a bank the addition of a pool could significantly add value to your home.

Even if you have no intention of changing the uncertain property market, a pool can be a real family benefit.

In terms of health, swimming is possibly the best form of exercise and as for relaxation, who doesn’t like being in a beautiful warm indoor pool.

Just like with anything to do with home improvements it is essential to find a reliable building contractor to do the job. Good research is key, get to know what pools are available, listen to friends and neighbors; nothing beats word and mouth to find a company that can be trusted.

Build up a checklist of what you need to know about the person who will be responsible for this new part of your home.

Sometimes the local supply company for pool products might be able to recommend a reliable business and there will be plenty of advertisements around vying for your attention.

A good company will have a portfolio to show you and you will often be able to see some of their work for yourself. They will have a state license and insurance cover, most will offer a warranty and if they do check out how long it is for.

It might even be worth using the services of the Better Business Bureau to give you some peace of mind.

Before any work commences there should be an agreed written contract, signed by both parties and hopefully covering every eventuality. Be aware of any ongoing maintenance that will be required and ensure safety is a part of any build.


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