Remodeling Bathrooms: Helpful Tips To Achieving A Simple New Look

remodelling bathroomsIf your house is more than thirty years old, chances are you are thinking about remodeling the bathroom.

Nothing dates a house more than a tacky bathroom but many people hesitate to do anything about it because of the expense and the upheaval involved.

Remodeling bathrooms doesn’t have to be a drama, if you know some simple tips to achieve a great new bathroom look.

Instead of the upheaval of pulling out the tiles and fittings of your current bathroom, try changing the look and style of the room, around the fixtures  you have. [Bathroom Fixtures]

A new-look bathroom will make you feel more relaxed and can increase the market value of the house. You can easily achieve a new, improved look to your bathroom without the hassle and expense usually associated with remodeling bathrooms.

The first step is to look through decorating magazines and visit show homes to help you decide on a remodeled bathroom look and style you would want to achieve, if you were actually going to completely remodel your existing bathroom.

Look for color schemes, accessories and the over-all style of the bathrooms you like. Look for ideas that could co-ordinate with the fixtures and fittings in your existing bathroom. It is no use falling in love with bright orange towels if your tiles are a delicate pink.

The next step involves making structural changes that are less expensive than fully remodeling bathrooms. If there is little natural light in your bathroom, consider putting in a larger window or a skylight to bring in more natural light. This will instantly improve the whole room, as older bathrooms often seem to be dark and gloomy.

Consider using mirrors or mirror tiles to increase the feeling of space. If your tiles are a particularly hideous color, consider removing them from the walls that continually being splashed. [Bathroom Mirrors]

Many bathrooms are fully tiled and, by removing some of the tiles, the over-whelming effect will be lessened. The walls underneath can be lightly sanded and painted.

The next step with remodeling bathrooms is to look at the walls, ceiling and any other painted surface; consider the remodeled bathrooms you liked and copy these colors in your new paintwork.

If you have prominently colored tiles, the paint must coordinate with them, or just choose a neutral shade of white or cream.

When you have finished the painting, give the current tiles and bath a really good clean with a commercial grade cleaner. Then re-grout between all the tiles in the room – you will be amazed at the huge difference this job will make.

Now look at the colors of towels and accessories you can include in your refreshed bathroom. Limit the use of patterns because they can close the room in and look too busy. Choose a cotton shower curtain and coordinate your towels to it, or vice versa.

Use restful framed prints on the walls for an elegant look; hang ferns for a lush tropical look; hang different colored towels together, or different shades of the same color, in either pastels or bolds, to coordinate with your color scheme; put luxurious mats on the floor, and you will have your new-look bathroom without the normal expense of remodeling bathrooms.


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