How to Make Exterior Paint Last Longer?

We all want the paint we use for the exterior of the house to withstand blistering summers, freezing winters, the bombardment of UV rays and soaking rains. For good results you need high quality products that most probably are more expensive than the large majority you can find in shops.


The choices you make

DIY or a professional

No one says that you can’t paint your house. Nonetheless the majority of the people don’t really have time for such activities or they simply don’t have the patience to do such a thing. If this is your case, you should opt for the services of a professional.

When to paint

The timing of the activity is also important. It is best to get the job done when there are between 50 and 90 degrees outside. The humidity should also be low. If the paint has the right conditions, it will brush out evenly and also dry evenly.

It’s all about the paint


These kinds of paint are considered to be the best one on the market. However you should know that they also differ according to the manufacturer and brand.

Oil-based paints

Although they aren’t as popular as they used to be in the 1950s, such paints have their advantages. These include smoothness and gloss that cannot be achieved with acrylic paints. Besides these they are also more resistant against dirt and they have a high level of hardness.

There are some outdoor items that just need to be painted with paint of this kind. Such items include the door, trim and wrought iron. This is because they are often touched and they look best if they have a shiny coat.

What should you look for?

No fade

There are some new kinds of paints, such as the no-fade ones. Their main feature is that the paint doesn’t lose its color because of the UV rays. The downside is that you need a specialized contractor to apply it on the walls.

Natural paint

Just as the name suggests, the best thing about it is that it doesn’t contain any harmful or harsh chemicals. If you apply three coats of this paint, it should last for about 50 years.

Waterbone oil

The interesting thing about this kind of paint is that it can be cleaned up using water and soap. It is more resistant and flexible than the usual oil-paint, but it isn’t as smooth. Also you have to remember that it cannot be used on porch floors.


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