Common Mistakes To Avoid While Building Wooden Fences

wooden fenceWhile most people have a pretty good idea on how to build a wooden fence, there are few mistakes that are very common to the building process.

You can build a fence that will look better and last much longer by following these tips.

Posts and Spacing

One of the most common mistakes made when building a wooden fence is that the posts are not set deep enough. These post holes need to be about eight feet apart and should be two feet deep.

A post hole digger is used to create these holes. When using a post hole digger, use it at an angle to create an anchor area at the bottom of the hole. This will ensure that the post will be much more stable and secure.

Wood Posts Do Not Stick To Concrete

Wood doesn’t stick to concrete and most people are simply not aware of this fact. Take a look at just about any construction site and you will see wood forms are used to frame the concrete.

Once the concrete is dry, the nails are removed and the forms will simply fall off. By covering the bottom two feet of the each fence post with black roof tar, it will help the concrete to stick to the post. It also prevents rotting and insect infestation.

Let the Concrete Set Up

Another common mistake is that the concrete is not allowed to dry completely before installation is started on the rest of the fence. If you start too quickly, it’s likely to knock the posts out of level.

If the concrete is not set up completely, you may have too much space between the post and concrete.

Use Three Rails for Maximum Strength

Many people choose to only use two rails between posts. However, one of the best ways to create a wooden fence that will last for years is to improve its strength by using three rails.

Install the fencing slats no more than eight inches above the top rail or below the bottom rail. This will help to ensure the fence is strong enough to last the test of time.

Make Sure to Water Proof the Bottom Lip

You must make sure you waterproof the bottom lip of the rails and boards. Since water will always run down, you will often see bubbling in the paint at the bottom areas of the rails and boards.

Many people forget that the water will be sucked up into the wood and cause irreversible damage, such as rotting and warping. By sealing this area, your wooden fence will last a lot longer.

In Closing

Your wood fencing is a substantial investment. By making sure the more common mistakes are avoided, your fence can last many years without repairs.

Make sure the posts are set deep enough and treated with black roofing tar to prevent the concrete from separating from the post.

Don’t try to nail anything to the posts until the concrete is set up completely. Make sure you water treat all areas of the fence to keep it looking as good as the day you installed it.


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