Choosing Bamboo For Your Wood Flooring

wood flooringBamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet because it thrives in poor soils and although softwood, it is as strong as any maple.

It therefore makes a great choice for a wooden floor, being both tough and very hard wearing.

As a renewable source, it is very environmentally friendly because the plant continues to grow once the stems have been harvested.

Further more during the manufacturing process, very little is wasted.

After harvest the green outer layer is discarded and the stem are uniformly cut into pieces know as fillets. The latter is dried in a kiln once they have been flattened out to straighten out any curvature. Drying is required to take out excess dampness after which it is boiled.

Next up is the gluing together of the different lengths and the end result is a very substantial product perfectly suited to be made into flooring.

For ease of shipping an extra process of compaction takes place, then finally, to make it more marketable, it is altered to incorporate the ability for ease of fitting.

The versatility of bamboo is further shown by the fact that when glued together it can be done in different ways creating alternative looks for floors. When laid out it has very warm characteristics and can be especially decorative, so therefore a good choice for any home.

When you are next changing your flooring for any reason don’t forget to consider it alongside all the other types available, it certainly widens your options.


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