6 Effective Tips and Suggestions on Buying Bar Stools

For anyone who has a bar at home or at his/her own commercial establishment, having bar stools becomes a necessity.  Bar stools are an important and integral addition to a bar setting and are sitting arrangements that are well suited for cocktail parties, holiday gatherings and day to day dinners.

In order to ensure comfort and suitability to the bar, it is important to buy the correct bar stools. There are many varieties available out there but in order to buy the best ones, you can follow the following given tips and suggestions.

tips on buying bar stools

1. Choose the Correct Height

The first thing that you will need to consider when a buying bar stool is the height. It should be neither too short nor too high. To ensure the correct height, you must measure the height of your bar and buy stools which are about 10 to 12 inches shorter than the height of the counter. Also, make sure they are adjustable in length.

2. Choose the Proper Materials

Another thing that you may need to give importance to while you are out shopping for bar stools is the materials used. Most of them are made using wood or metal but some modern day ones are also made using plastic.  While on one hand, wooden ones give a more classic and traditional look, metal ones are much more modern. So depending upon the look and feel of your bar, you must choose the materials.  Both these materials are durable but remember that wooden ones may be heavier and difficult to move.

3. Choose the Correct Design

Another consideration that you may have to keep in mind while buying bar stools is the design. Stools these days come in a gamut of styles and designs. While some have a back for comfort, others may swivel. So depending upon your requirement or preference, you must choose the design only after comparing all the options present.  Also, you must check how many legs the stools have and ensure that it is durable enough to take enough weight.

4. See Whether you Want it to be Upholstered

Another thing that you may need to consider when buying a bar stool is whether it can be upholstered or not. You can always choose to upholster some stools with cloth or leather to give it a more comfortable feel. If you want to get it upholstered, then you must always ensure that the fabric can be attached on top of it.

5. Price

Bar stools are available in all kinds of price ranges and brackets. But it is important to be practical and buy one which fits well into the budget you had fixed. There is no end to the amount you can spend but it is crucial that you remain realistic.

6. Color

Another thing that you may need to consider is the color of the stools. It is always better to opt for a neutral color rather than going for a particular one.


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