The Fabulous Functionality Fits Progressive Home Architecture

Jordan Parnass Digital architecture is already a winner for small project architecture. The studio is eminent for being a master, when it comes to fascinating and progressive interiors.

This one is the East Village Studio, a project that required an unusual combination – work studio and home in one.

The designers simply combined the kitchen, the bathroom and the sleeping loft with the studio as they upgraded the whole area with wood-panels.

The architects added also wooden stairs that connected the studio with the sleeping loft. This added more space into the little flat. The flexible design and the unusual architecture turned the whole flat into a modern and simple studio.

home architecture

The wooden service core was the decision that made the flat perfect for working and living into the same apartment.

Progressive and practical, those are the words that surely can describe the idea of the so called Botany Buildings, presented by students from the University of Stuttgart.

The Botany Buildings are using trees as buildings and their unconventional ideas actually make sense. Of course, the unusual constructions meet several criteria before turning it into a home: flexibility, adaptability and durability.

botany buildings

The students make core structures as they use other elements, but the result is anything from rooms, platforms to towers and walkways. The custom tree buildings system is updated with organic materials and handmade architecture elements.

For instance, if you want to make a connecting platform between two high buildings, a tree is the perfect source, for it doesn’t require long building or constructing new buildings. This is so far a futuristic idea for many, but it is already used in Austria.

This unusual construction is already famous and it is created by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The peanut house or the Fab Labs as those constructions are often called, represent wooden and solar paneled constructions that are updated for living or working.

unusual constructionThey are designed to generate their own energy and moreover, they are equipped with technical innovations. The project was presented by team of 20 architects from different countries that were seeking the perfect formula for modern and practical living.

The Fab Labs are already available worldwide as they grow famous due to their progressive and green design. The good news is that the house is movable, so you can live anywhere you want.


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