Useful Tips for Buying Major Home Appliances

When the time comes to buy a new major appliance for your home, you should consider the big investment. Thankfully, to the latest technology trends there are dozens of variations for washing machines, freezers, or blenders.

Researching the market is a must if you don’t want to get drowned into marketing slogans and buy some expensive appliance that may be an overkill or not at all adequate for your requirements.

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Try looking around your social circles first, not in a showroom

Taking a major home appliance back to the store is not that easy due to obvious reasons. This is why we recommend asking for opinions of your friends. This kind of reality checks help dishing out the multitude of functionalities of a microwave oven, when you actually need it like two or three times.

See the kind of features your relatives use most, who are their favorite manufacturers and why. And don’t worry, they will be eager to share their frustrations when it comes to servicing costs or functionality inabilities.

Schedule your shopping and make educated decisions

Make use of the Internet to check for reviews. Search for user opinions, check comparison sites for professional reviews. They are experts and can make educated conclusions when it comes to economical household items. Moreover, always schedule shopping for major appliance devices.

This helps from a budget point of view since you are prepared for such an investment financially but it also prepares your mind to block out consumerism mentality and impulse buying. Don’t fall into marketing gimmicks.

Look for sales and showroom clearance

The best time to shop for major appliances is when they are on sale. Showrooms are often clearing out their old models to make space for the upcoming models.

Always ask for further information regarding an appliance from the sales consultants. Just because the manufacturer claims ‘lifetime warranty’ in case of a super-sized fridge, it might not necessarily be like that. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarifications.

Does it fit?

Dimensions are everything. Catchy household items with modern functionalities might seem tempting but – aside from their sales price – they do need to fit into your kitchen or wherever. Measure your space before heading out on a shopping spree. Also think about the way you will take that household item if living on the 2nd floor, for example. Sure this is not a problem in case of a juicer but what about a washing machine?

Think about the fridge, on which direction should its door open – to the right, or to the left? You might do an accurate job on taking measurements but you’d be left with a bitter taste when you find out that you can only open it halfway. Ask for details regarding the warranty, servicing costs, cell phone numbers of experts that you can pester if the device fails to work appropriately. Finally, read the instructions carefully prior to usage.


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