Tips to Choose the Right Juicer for Your Kitchen

A lot of nutritionists say that it is important to have fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet. The truth is that people could get bored of having an apple every day, but having apple juice doesn’t seem to be that boring at all. This is why every kitchen should have a juicer, but how to choose?


After a while people lose their enthusiasm of making juices if it is complicated to use the juicer, or they will be using it less often. Keep in mind that it is important to have a juicer that is easily used, and also take into consideration that it is important for the juicer to be easily cleaned.

Right Juicer for Your KitchenLongevity

In case you have to invest more in a juicer, more probably the quality of the juicer is higher. It is alright to get a juicer with warranty of a year or two, but one with a warranty of 5-10 years is even better.

In the majority of the cases the juicers costing less than $100 have weak motors that cannot process rinds, cores or seeds. This means that you will have to cut the fruits up to make sure the motor won’t burn down.

Juice per pound

This is one of the most important factors making the difference between a good and not so good juicer. The high quality ones offer a lot more juice than the cheap ones. You have the possibility to buy a cheaper juicer, but keep in mind that every time you prepare a juice, you throw your money out.

The quality of the juice

In case you get a juicer of a good quality, it will preserve the nutrients and enzymes of the fruits and vegetables. Some of the appliances process the fruits and vegetables so much that they break down the nutrients and vitamins. In the same time some of the juicers spin too fast, speeding up the oxidation process, making the juice get spoiled faster.

Speed and power

In order to get the job done right you need a juicer having a motor of ¼ horsepower. If the juicer doesn’t have the right capacity, you will end up having some juice in the pulp, and again, you will be throwing money away. Speed is another factor that you have to take into consideration, because the fruits and vegetables could lose their notes because of high speed.


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