What Kitchen Appliances Will Rock the 2012 Cooking?

You may say that cooking is a traditional activity, but there are some tools and appliances that are everything but traditional. Since there are so many of them it might be overwhelming to make a choice, and this is why you should know which ones will be rocking this year.


The blenders are usually used to make smooth drinks and foods, such as margaritas, smoothies, but you could also use it to make soups or salsa instead of a food processor. In the majority of the cases they come with glass jars, but you could also find immersion blenders, hand blenders and single serve blenders.

Kitchen AppliancesSlow cooker

This appliance is also known as the crock pot. The advantage of it is that it could save you a lot of time in the kitchen. They prepare the food using low heat, but the good thing about it is that you don’t need to supervise it.

You could prepare the food and then go to work. When you get home you will get freshly cooked meals.

Toaster ovens

In the last years, these products have become more and more popular in the kitchen because they are versatile. The good thing about them is that they are easy to use, they require little time to prepare the food, and also less energy is needed, compared to a traditional oven.

Deep fryer

It is gaining popularity very fast because it offers a fast and safe way to prepare fried goods. You don’t have to be using a frying pan and hot oil anymore; all you have to do is to add some oil, set the temperature and add the foods to a basket. In a few minutes, the fried foods will be ready, like fried chicken, French fries or doughnuts.

Ice cream maker

Although some of the people think that the ice cream maker is good just for collecting dust, but in case you are a true fan of ice cream, the appliance will offer a whole new world to you. Besides being able to prepare any kind of ice cream you can think of, you could also prepare low-sugar and low-fat kinds.

There are some other kinds of appliances as well that you could be thinking about, but these for sure will rock your world when it comes to cooking. The main point is to make the process faster and easier, not to mention, to save some money.


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