Cooking The Most Delicious Rice Is Fun For Everyone

If you are fond of rice in general and Asian food in particular this smart kitchen gadget may certainly make your life easier and add fun to your cooking.

rice- cooker

Made of stainless steel with an interior non stick coat, suited for cooking any type of rice, the machine looks high tech but certainly is a fun thing to have around when getting ready for a family meal or while entertaining guests.

Everyone that ever cooked rice had the unfortunate experience of seeing it stick to the pan or becoming a terrible mush that can make the cook uncomfortable to serve it to the guests.

This fun appliance has a special feature for making porridge and it’s a great help for somebody fond of an old fashioned breakfast. This porridge option allows cooking oats using a short cooking program so the breakfast is ready pretty fast.

As for the cleaning part, the user may find it a bit more difficult to clean than the regular pan but after doing the task 2-3 times the procedure becomes a walk in the park.

Zojirushi NP-HBC10 – rice cooker can cook long rice, short rice, white, brown, wild or pre-processed rice and the booklet that comes with it offers specific instructions for all types of rice. The innovative GABA rice technology is a great addition in keeping all the nutrition values from the most loved brown rice.

Source : zojirushi


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