2012 Summer Air Conditioning – Must Know Facts

With the summer almost here, air conditioning the indoors becomes a must to escape the heat outside.

At home, one can choose between window air conditioners or a central cooling system that keeps the entire home cool.

Whatever be the type there are a few things that can help you beat the heat more efficiently and economically.

Need to know basis


Choose an air conditioning system that is efficient and economic. This is measured by EER for the window systems and SEER for the central air-conditioning system. The recommended levels are 8 and respectively 13. You should know that the higher the numbers the more economical the system is.

What to look for?

Look for energy star seals that ensure the quality. Do your research and consult the salesperson to determine the right size for your needs. An optimum size will help reduce the initial cost and the working costs in the long run.

Smart buy vs. smart use

A few steps if followed may make sure that the air-conditioning in your home is running at an optimum efficiency with minimum energy costs. If there are rooms that are hardly used, you can seal the air ducts (central air-conditioning) in there to increase efficiency.

If using disposable filters, remember to change them every month. In case of washable ones, clean them regularly to ensure that the cooling is efficient. In addition, have the system serviced professionally every year, preferably just before the hot months.

Check for leaks and seal them. This goes for both the central and the window air conditioning units, though it may be a difficult task to do so with window units.

Be careful about energy saving

Use adjustable thermostats to make them more cost efficient. Raise the temperature considerably before leaving for work, or use timers to help you cool the home when required. Shut off the system only when leaving for vacations, so that the compressors do not have to work overtime to cool homes.

Insulate the ducts that travel through warmer places like crawl spaces and attics. This helps to increase the efficiency. Ensure that there is 2 feet of clear space around, above, and below the compressor unit. Ensure that there is no direct sunlight falling on the compressor unit because that can decrease its efficiency by a substantial 10%.

How to optimize air conditioning

Install shades, blinds, and awnings and keep them drawn to increase the efficiency of your air-conditioning systems. Use ceiling and/or floor levels to help in air-circulation and higher efficiency. Too many closed doors inside the home also effect the air circulations. Keeping doors open will increase the air circulation and by it increase the efficiency of your air conditioning.


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