9 Steps to Revamp Your Mirror

It is a blessing to have mirrors in the house, and in case you have an old mirror that doesn’t mean that you have to throw it out to get a new one. You could be using the same mirror, all you have to do is to add a new look to it.

Revamp Your Mirror

1. Testing

In case you are going to use a frame, the first thing that you have to do is to test, fit the frame to make sure that it is suitable for the measures of the mirror. You could use plinth blocks at the joints to make the whole project steady.

2. Creating the frame

The next step involves working with the pilasters and the plinths by securing them together using washer head screws diagonally in the backs of the pieces. Then the top of the frame should be attached to the ends of the pilasters in the same way.

3. Attaching the back

In the majority of the cases people opt for plywood for the back. Add some construction glue to the back of the frame and secure the back to it.

4. Screws and nails

To make sure that the back is tightly secured to the frame you should use finish screws at the corners. Steel tacks could also be used at equal distances at the top, bottom and sides.

5. The entablature

Turn the frame face up and with the help of the construction adhesive secure to it the decorative entablature of the frame. Also you should use some clamps to secure the entablature tightly.

6. Securing

Just as you did with the back, secure the entablature with the help of finish screws. For this you will have to flip the frame again.

7. Painting the frame

When painting the frame you should make sure to use an oil based paint to make the frame look as if you used lacquer on it.

8. Adding the mirror

In order to attach the mirror to the back you should be using a special glue developed for mirrors. The edges of the mirror should be covered by bead molding secured to the edges of the frame with the help of construction adhesive.

9. Placing it

Cover the edges with bead molding, and place the mirror in its place. Then take a few steps back to see the end result of your work.

It’s not brain surgery to revamp an old mirror; you can do it too.

(photo credit: www.thisoldhouse.com)


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