Modern Ceiling Lights for Living Room

If you have a modern living room, for sure you are looking for modern ceiling lights for living room. The good news is that there are a lot of models to choose from. The downside is that the decision may become overwhelming.

Modern Ceiling Lights for Living Room

Contemporary lights

In case you wish to achieve a classy and elegant look, one of the possibilities you have is to create a recessed ceiling. In this case you can have lights all around the recession, creating a unique look. Add a light fixture in the middle as well to have even more light in the room.

Wood trim ceiling

In some cases people have wood trim on their ceiling and they have to incorporate this when it comes to the ceiling lights that are modern for the living room. For example you could add one spot to the middle of each tile trimming. This way you will have enough light in the room and the light will be warm.

Illuminated squares

When it comes to the modern ceiling lights for living room you should be thinking about geometric shapes. As an idea you might consider having illuminated squares. Although this will add a modern air, you should know that there won’t be too much light in the room.

Stencil design

You don’t have to be looking for very elaborate living rooms’ ceiling lights that are modern. You can make a simple light fixture interesting through adding a special design around it. For instance you can have an abstract design made with gold colors, if this is suitable for the color theme of the room.

Ceiling coffers

For more special modern ceiling lights for living room you may need to use surprising materials. Adding mahogany coffers can add the perfect touch to the room. However, in order to make the best of the design you should add some lights to the room too.

Going dramatic

You can add some drama to your home through the modern living room ceiling lights. As an idea, you may cover the light bulbs with stained glass. This could come with several colors or one color (like yellow) with darker stains to make everything even more dramatic.

Naturally there are a lot of modern ceiling lights for living room to choose from and all there is left for you to do is to choose one that you think is appropriate.


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